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Resolutions — Do They Work?

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they get old even faster than the year. We start out with great determination but by February, most of us won’t be able to find the paper we wrote them on. Maybe the problem is that we make too many resolutions or that they are too grand to be realized.

While we applaud your resolution to “Get Healthy”, without a plan to achieve it, your resolve will blow away in the winds of March. Instead, break your resolution into reasonable chunks such as, “I will get my well-woman check-up by Ground Hog’s Day”. Or, “I will not eat between dinner and bedtime.” Don’t make more than a few. Three resolutions should do it. With more, you’ll risk forgetting some and then your guilt will sabotage the rest.

If your resolution includes getting your well-woman exam, or getting your mammogram, or anything else to do with women’s health, visit with Dr. Amy Siegel. She’ll help you get on the right path with a full exam and the screenings you need. You’ll find that “There IS a difference in women’s healthcare.”

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