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Keeping Your Resolutions

We all make resolutions and we all try to keep them, for a few weeks, at least. Sooner or later, the real world steps back in and kicks our resolutions out the door. Is it time to give up and then feel badly for failing? No Way!

It’s time to take a look at those resolutions and see what’s making it impossible to keep them. Were they too vague, too grand, or simply not inspiring enough to accomplish? Many resolutions are set out with no plan for realizing the goal. The devil is always in the details.

If your resolutions are nagging you, take a hard look at them. Pick just a couple and break them into realistic chunks. If your goal is to organize your closets, start with just one and make sure you have materials ready to help you succeed: trash bags, storage containers, and labels. If your goal is to get healthy, start with a well-woman exam at Bergen Women’s Health Care. Dr. Amy Siegel treats women at all ages and stages of life and won’t nag you about keeping the rest of your resolutions.

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