Holiday table set for eating

Count Your Holiday Bites

We’re all just a little more calorie conscious during the holiday season. Even if it’s only to feel guilty about what we’re eating. The round of work events, home parties, and even free samples in the food store can add up to more calories than we need. For a healthy person, there’s no reason to deny a taste of all the wonderful treats the season delivers.

However, we all need to be smart about eating, particularly those with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Here are a few tips we hope will help you make it through the season without adding additional inches to your waistline:

  1. Don’t skip meals in anticipation of an event. You’ll arrive too hungry to resist over-indulging.
  2. “Grazing” at a buffet or restaurant is not always the best course. Many tiny appetizers weigh in at about 60 calories a bite. If each one is a couple of bites, calories add up quickly.
  3. Alcohol has calories but is not a substitute for a healthy meal. Don’t use alcohol calories as part of your daily total. You need nutrition first.

Splurging a little on calories at holiday time is not a sin. Stick to your exercise routine and even increase it a little. January will be here before you know it.

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