Pregnant woman sitting on exercise ball

Gone But Not Forgotten

You worked out hard after each child to lose pounds, tighten muscles, and return to your former state of fitness. Women who had C-sections found that getting back into shape need to work even harder to strengthen muscles cut into during the birthing process. Carrying a baby and giving birth presents huge challenges to the body, beginning with the abdominal muscles that must stretch but still remain strong during pregnancy.

With women waiting longer to have children and the rise in twinning due to fertility treatments, more women are finding pregnancy-related physical issues years down the road. Complaints can range from low back pain to incontinence, internal scarring and other issues. Exercise and good diet can help re-build core strength and prevent future issues of poor posture and back pain. In addition, pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels will help prevent incontinence in the future.

Dr. Amy Siegel specializes in gynecology and will help you get back in shape and prevent future problems connected with weak abdominal muscles.

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