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Get Into A Spring State of Mind

This past winter tried to deliver a knock-out punch to NJ. It didn’t succeed but many of us are still reeling. If you can’t seem to shake the fatigue, muscle aches, or shed the holiday weight you gained, it might be your thyroid and not just the Winter Blahs. Low thyroid function can also cause dry skin, hair loss, or feeling cold (when no one else is).

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped organ in the front of the neck that secretes hormones involved in many bodily functions. Thyroid hormones regulate the body’s metabolism, that is, how the body uses food to create immediate energy or store it for the future. Thyroid hormones influence almost every organ in the body so when this small gland is not functioning properly, diverse symptoms can be felt.

As the sun returns and the weather warms, you might just bounce back to your pre-winter self. If that doesn’t happen, visit one of our Board-certified Endocrinologists in Emerson, Paramus, or Hackensack. Call for an appointment:

Emerson: 201.666.3900

Paramus: 201-986.1881

Hackensack: 201.489.5999

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