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Women 21-29 Need Annual PAP Test

Young women without partners sometimes wonder why they should see a gynecologist regularly. In their busy lives, it’s hard to find the time for one more doctor’s appointment. Yet, seeing a gynecologist for a pelvic exam and PAP test beginning at age 21 can literally be a lifesaver.

A PAP test can discover abnormal cervical cells that are on the way to becoming cancerous. Gynecologists know that the majority of women diagnosed with cervical cancer have not had regular PAP tests. By the time many of these cases are discovered, the cervical cancer is well advanced and can be fatal.

In addition to a pelvic exam and PAP test, young women can receive valuable information and advice from a gynecologist about STDs, contraception, and family planning. Dr. Amy M. Siegel treats women of all ages and understands the gynecological needs of younger women. She is both discreet and compassionate in discussing items of concern to women of any age. You can reach her at: 201-225-2555.

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