Two young girls bullying other young girl outdoors

Let’s Stand Up and Stop It

Bullying of children in our schools and on our playgrounds has been in the news all too frequently this year. These days, the behavior often takes place in the electronic universe where our kids spend so much time. Now that summer’s here, there might be an opportunity to change the conversation in preparation for a new school year in the fall.

As parents, we can encourage our children to speak up when being bullied and to speak out when they see it happen to someone else. Speaking up to a teacher or parent when a friend cannot, breaks the cycle of isolation felt by the child being victimized. Reassure your child that talking about the situation to someone who can help is not being a tattle-tale but is closer to being a hero.

Reporting the situation to school administrators is our duty as parents and a way of setting an example to our children. As the saying goes: “We must speak truth to power”. When we do, the universe can shift our way.


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