Women are usually the caregivers in the family; it’s just our nature. We shop for ourselves, our elderly relatives, and maybe for a neighbor, too. We drive the kids to Scouts and take Grandpa to his doctor’s appointment. And when the dog needs a bath, or the cat has to go to the vet, we’re there. Often, we forget to take care of ourselves.


It starts with fast food in the car between work and a late afternoon softball game. Next morning, we skip breakfast to get going early and drop off the dog at the groomer or deliver the camp health forms to the kids’ pediatrician. Weekends should be a time to relax and recharge but they rarely work out that way. It’s OK to burn the candle at both ends, we’re young and healthy, right?


Sooner or later there’s a price to pay for neglecting ourselves. The aches, the pains, and maybe worse. Don’t bypass your own needs as you take care of everyone else. There’s that little voice in your head telling you to eat better, take some time for yourself, and get that checkup you’ve been putting off. Dr. Amy Siegel is the female gynecologist who “gets it”. She’s been there with growing children, work pressures, and outside obligations. When you need a doctor who understands your life, make a appointment at Bergen Women’s Health Care for your yearly gynecological checkup. Take care of yourself so you can continue taking care of everyone else.

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