Mother and teenage daughter arm in arm

As your teenage daughter matures, it’s time to consider her first trip to a gynecologist. Chances are, this will produce a bit of anxiety and questions about going to a doctor when you feel perfectly well. Explain that regular visits to a “woman’s doctor” are an important part of being an adult. A first gynecological exam is usually recommended for young women around age 18. If your daughter experiences heavy menstrual periods or has excessive pain during her cycle, a first visit could be made sooner.

There are many benefits for young women in having a relationship with a gynecologist. You’ll know that she is getting accurate information and confidential answers to her questions about sex, pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, and having a healthy lifestyle. If she has period pain or other menstrual irregularities her gynecologist can prescribe treatments or suggest remedies that will help.

Dr. Amy M. Siegel treats women at all ages and stages of life. She’ll take the time to help your daughter feel comfortable with the process and will explain breast exams, PAP testing, the HPV vaccine, and will answer her questions factually and without judgment. To make an appointment with Dr. Siegel, call: 201-225-2555

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