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Women Need a Caring Team

More than 13.5 million American women have diabetes but at least 25% of them don’t know it yet. Unfortunately, without a proper diet and/or medication, the disease is already acting on their bodies and damaging vital organs and systems. Diabetes is a multi-system, life-long condition and complications can seriously affect the heart, kidneys, nerves, and eyes.

People with diabetes who maintain tight blood sugar control, eat nutritiously, exercise effectively, and get regular medical checkups can prevent many diabetic complications. Their diabetes will not be cured, but it will be controlled. Managing diabetes can be challenging. It takes a team of healthcare professionals focused on the patient. Women are often the caregivers in their families and it can be tough for them to admit they need help.

If you or a woman you love has diabetes or you suspect the disease, call the diabetes experts at Hackensack University Medical Group:

  • Sameera Daud-Ahmad, M.D., board-certified in Endocrinology – in Emerson – 201-666-3900
  • Marlyn Fernandez, M.D., board-certified in Internal Medicine – in Emerson – 201-666-3900 or in Paramus – 201-986-1881

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