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Fibrocystic Breasts — A Common Occurrence

Fibrocystic breasts are extremely common; more than half of all women will experience this non-dangerous condition at some point during their childbearing years. Fibrocystic breasts usually occur in women between 20 years of age and the end of menopause. Women with this condition will feel lumps or thickened areas in the breast that may fluctuate in size as the menstrual cycle progresses. There may also be overall breast pain or tenderness and a non-bloody nipple discharge.

While the precise cause of the nodular breast tissue is not known, many researchers suspect that the reproductive hormone, estrogen, is involved. Note that most cases disappear with menopause unless a women is on hormone therapy. Fibrocystic breasts are not cancerous and do not increase a woman’s risk. However, if your areas of thickening persist after your period, or if a lump seems to have changed or grown, make an appointment with Dr. Amy Siegel who can evaluate your status. Always get mammograms as recommended.

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