3 Female Friends enjoying the outdoors

As women, being supportive for our girlfriends is just something we do; it’s in our female DNA. We’re there when times are good and when times are tough. We pick up each other’s kids at soccer, buy girl scout cookies, and pitch in on moving day. That’s what friends are for.

There’s more we can do for each other without breaking a sweat or our own pocketbooks. Let’s be healthy together. When we meet for bookclub or girls’ night out, let’s make healthy choices. We can serve fruits, veggies, and low-fat cheeses instead of brownies or cupcakes. Save the wine until the discussion’s done and limit the serving to one celebratory glass. When meeting at the local coffee house, make a pact that everyone orders health so no one has “dessert envy”.

Let’s support each other by reminding our friends to get the medical checkups they need. Be a role model and mention your recent mammogram or blood glucose test. You don’t have to be guilty of “oversharing” about your visit to the gynecologist – just say you’ve been there for your regular checkup and PAP test.

You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make. By prompting a friend to visit a doctor, you could even save her life. Dr. Amy Siegel is the gynecologist who “gets it”. She understands women’s issues because she lives them. Call today for your well-woman exam and then get ready to spread the word. As a girlfriend, you are more powerful than you imagine.

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