Garnished roasted turkey on holiday decorated table

Share The Workload

The holidays are almost here and you can feel the stress starting to build. It’s not just the upcoming financial outlay for gifts, food, wine, and festive décor. It’s the time to get it all done that you just don’t have. This is the year to ask for help from family members who are going to enjoy the celebration.

Holidays can be a team sport if you start planning early. Make lists and assign tasks. Unless the kids are very young, they can help with decorating. Perhaps the result won’t be perfect, but it will be done with love and pride. The same goes for wrapping gifts. The bows might be slightly askew and the color combinations will make your head spin, but in the big picture,  it isn’t critical.

Don’t neglect your own needs at holiday time. When you feel yourself getting stressed, step back and ask yourself what will really happen if you don’t get it all done. A few deep breaths can help. Take a little time for yourself and get your annual well-woman exam before the celebrating starts. At Bergen Women’s Health Care, we get it. There IS a difference in women’s healthcare.

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