Golden retriever playing in a snowstorm

Joint Pain Before A Storm

They say another storm is coming to the Northeast next week. But, you already knew that because your knees told you so. Or, it was that arm you broke as a kid when you fell off your bike. Are joints or bones able to predict the weather? Scientists aren’t so sure but millions of people are positive about it.

Over the years, many studies have been conducted trying to determine whether barometric pressure or temperature changes can trigger pain sensors in the joints. Some people seem to feel pain before bad weather arrives, others only when good weather is returning, leading researchers to look for a connection with air pressure. However, some people’s joints seem to be sensitive to cold or wind, others to heat and humidity. Unless you like knowing the weather before the Weather Channel tells you what’s coming, you don’t have to live with the pain.

If your knees or any other joints are causing you pain, the best first step is to have an exam by your Hackensack University Medical Group rheumatologist. Many new and highly effective remedies have been developed including new medications, exercise regimens, and nutrition plans. Once your joint pain is under control, you can rely on the weather app on your mobile device to alert you to coming storms. To make an appointment with Dr. Steven Rosner, call: 201-666-3900.

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