Two young women laughing

A Belly Laugh Is Good for Your Whole Body

Heard any good jokes lately? We hope so, because laughter is good for your health as well as your mood. Studies show that laughter reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, burns calories, and may even have a positive affect on blood sugar levels. A good laugh gets body systems moving and send oxygen to our tissues. Many studies have praised laughter’s ability to dull pain.

Shared laughter is even more beneficial to health by strengthening social bonds. Never underestimate the power of a funny YouTube video shared on Facebook, or of a movie night on the couch with your best friend. Worry that stress has driven your sense of humor into hibernation? All it takes to sharpen your laughing ability is practice. Try some of today’s comic authors or read the comics. Either one can get you chuckling and then laughing out loud. Pretty soon your laughter muscles will be strong again. Laughter breeds happiness and we wish you a full portion of each.

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