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Mindfulness: A Key To Better Health

Whoever said that “A woman’s work is never done” is still right on target. Most of us careen through the day and by bedtime we’re still thinking about what we should have done, could have done, and ought to do tomorrow. It’s more than busy, it’s living in the past and the future all at once. No wonder we’re anxious and tired. The stress is causing health issues ranging from stomach upset to heart problems.

Studies are now showing that mindfulness can make a difference in our ability to fight off disease. Mindfulness is the art of living in full awareness of what’s going on in the present moment – focusing on the here and now. Easier said than done? Don’t expect things to happen all at once. It’s going to take patience to break the worry/hurry habit.

Give yourself 10 minutes a day. Put it on your calendar if that will help. In that 10 minutes, just breathe. Really. Just sit in a comfortable place and breathe slowly but naturally. No counting, no chanting, just breathing. When your mind wanders and it will, just bring your attention back to your breath – don’t get upset for not being able to stick to it right away.

When you get used to the feeling, use this feeling during the day when you encounter something that’s stressful but not earthshaking. When you have to make a difficult phone call, or speak to the kids’ soccer coach, or just before you leave to hit rush hour traffic. Try it. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll have fewer tension headaches, or you’ll lose that grinding feeling in the pit of your stomach. Relax, you’re in the present moment and back in control.

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