Tired woman holding coffee cup

Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

You raced around to get the kids set for school. You shopped for clothes and school supplies and searched the house for last year’s backpacks. At the last minute, they finished their summer reading and wrote their reports. Finally, the bus came.

You thought that back-to-school would mean more time for yourself to get things done or start a new exercise and diet program. You vowed to get to the gym more often. But now, you’re so tired you can hardly get through the day. Once the kids are on the bus, you pour your third cup of coffee and stare at your list. After a few days, you’re getting down on yourself for being lazy.

Maybe this isn’t a problem of will power or a lack of organization. Maybe there’s a medical reason behind your fatigue and fuzzy thinking. These are symptoms of many medical conditions including thyroid problems. Get a checkup from Dr. Amy M. Siegel. As your gynecologist, she’ll be your starting point towards feeling better. She’ll take the time to listen, give you a complete exam and recommend the tests you need to understand what’s causing your symptoms. At Bergen Women’s Health Care, we’re part of Hackensack UMG. We know and understand women’s issues. We’ll work hard to keep you at your best.Tired woman holding coffee cup

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