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Making Your “I Got It DONE” List

Most of us make TO-DO lists for the day or for the week. Many times our lists have way too many items for even the most organized person to accomplish in a reasonable time frame. As hard as we try to repel them, distractions and urgent requests push items ahead of the list. By the end of the day or the week, we often feel unaccomplished and “undone”.

Why not make an “I Got It DONE” list. Keep a notepad or whiteboard handy to record completed items from your various TO-DO lists as well as those urgent tasks that had to take precedence. At the end of each week, review the “DONE” list. We’ll bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many tasks were completed.

As for your regular TO-DO list, here are a few hints towards keeping it manageable:

  • Separate home and work lists.
  • Keep list size manageable with no more than 7 items on each.
  • Tackle one tough project at the start of each day. The feeling of accomplishment is worth the extra effort.
  • Put “aspirational” items such as: Get Masters in Chemistry, or Learn Mandarin on a separate list.

With a bit of organization and compartmentalized thinking, you can conquer TO-DO lists and make them work for you.

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