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Think About Your Future

Spring is a favorite wedding season here in NJ. By May and June, the weather has warmed, flowers are in bloom, and the entire world seems to be thinking about fresh beginnings. If you’re getting married this season, you’ve probably been planning the event for a year or more.

Don’t forget to plan for your entire life together with your spouse. There are so many things to think about ranging from where you’ll live, to finances, and what color to paint the bedroom. Your approach to starting a family is equally important. Have you discussed the possibility of children? Will you start trying right away or wait until you’ve gotten used to living together? Will you continue to work outside the home, and if so, how will you handle arrangements for day care?

Seeing your gynecologist is an important part of the family equation. Discuss your options for contraception, for pregnancy timing and what to do if pregnancy does not happen on your hoped-for schedule. Dr. Amy Siegel is a Board-certified OB/GYN with convenient hours and locations in Paramus and Emerson. Dr. Siegel specializes in gynecology. To make an appointment with Dr. Siegel, call: 201-225-2555.

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