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There’s Plastic in Chewing Gum?

It seems that there’s plastic in everything these days and we all know that it’s creating a crisis in our environment because it takes hundreds, if not thousands, of years to decompose. The best approach is keeping plastics to a minimum in our daily lives. Here are a few tips to reduce our use of plastic:

  1. Believe it or not, some chewing gum brands contain plastic. Read the label. Polyvinyl acetate is plastic.
  2. Hand back the plastic straw when you order a cold drink.
  3. Use re-usable produce and grocery bags. When you can’t avoid them, plastic grocery bags can be recycled at most supermarkets. Look for a bin near the entrance.
  4. Carry your water in a reusable bottle.
  5. Take advantage of your town’s or county’s recycling program. Yes, it’s a bit more trouble to separate your trash and recycling, but you’ll be making a real difference and can be proud of your efforts.

Every year the U.S. generates over 30 million tons of plastic waste and only a small percentage is recycled. Come on, NJ, we can do better. Let’s prove it.

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