Pre-Pregnancy Checklist

Getting Ready for Parenthood

Parenthood is an awesome and life-changing decision that is made the moment you make the commitment to become pregnant. Before you pop the champagne because your test is positive, there’s work to be done to be sure that your body and mind are ready.

  1. Is your nutrition in good shape? How about your exercise plan. Both are essential for an easy pregnancy. This is a good time to cut down and caffeine and alcohol.
  2. Check in with your primary care provider and dentist before you start trying. Take extra care of your oral health during this time.
  3. Start taking a prenatal vitamin and a folic acid supplement. A proper folic acid level is important for preventing neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
  4. Choose an OB/GYN who supports the type of birth experience you’d like to have. Ask about genetic testing which could be important if your age or ethnic background indicate testing.
  5. Consider an ovulation test kit and learn your body’s ovulation signals.

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