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Teens Need the Facts

A healthy, full-term pregnancy is the goal of pregnant women everywhere. In the U.S., pre-term birth rates have fallen from their high in 2006, when they occurred once in every eight births. The current rate is just over 11% of births, or one in every nine babies. Most early babies arrive in the last three weeks of pregnancy, which can still result in developmental problems for the child. Many pre-term births occur in younger mothers, particularly those in their teens.

Teen pregnancy rates have also reached their lowest levels in decades. According to U.S. Health & Human Services, there were nearly 275,000 babies born to teenage mothers in 2013. While the trend is downward, it is still far too high. Babies born to teen mothers are often pre-term and have low birth weight, making it difficult for the children to catch up and develop as they should.

We believe that teens should be counseled on avoiding pregnancy either by not engaging in sexual intercourse or using effective contraception. Our primary care and OB/GYN doctors often speak to teens and young adults about avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Make sure your teen girl (or boy) has all the facts and understands appropriate methods of birth control. To make an appointment with one of our caring, compassionate physicians for yourself of your teen, call: 855.385.HEAL (4325).

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