Keeping Bones Strong

Osteoporosis, bone thinning, is not an inevitable consequence of the aging process. Almost eight million women across the U.S. suffer from this disease which makes them more susceptible to falls and fractures. Too many women over age 50 will break a bone due to the effects of osteoporosis. Don’t let this happen to you.

Thinking about future bone health while you’re young can pay off in later years. There are many ways to keep bones strong in adulthood. A diet with plenty of calcium is the best way to start. Good sources of dietary calcium and Vitamin D are some of nature’s best tasting foods and include fish (tuna, salmon, etc) soy beans (tofu), spinach, kale, cheese and egg yolks. In addition, some foods such as orange juice, oatmeal, and other cereals are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals. Read labels to be sure. Don’t forget about the benefits of weight bearing exercise which is known to keep bones strong. Needless to say, stop smoking if you haven’t already.

Dr. Amy Siegel is a gynecologist who knows the importance of bone health for women of any age. Speak with her about strategies including diet and exercise to help you stay strong. If you have already experienced falls or fractures, it may be time for a bone density screening. Once the test is completed, Dr. Siegel will help you understand the results and may suggest medication or lifestyle changes. To make an appointment with Dr. Siegel about bone density or any other women’s health concern, call: 201-225-2555 for an appointment.

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