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Strikes Women More Frequently

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease that strikes 3 times as many women as men. In the U.S., about 2 million women are affected. Battling a chronic illness means following your doctor’s instructions, for sure. However, there’s more you can do for yourself:

  1. Learn all you can about the condition from reliable sources and ask questions when you see your doctor. Bring a list so you don’t forget any and you can write down the answers. Your rheumatologist is a strong partner in your care.
  2. Pay attention to your emotions. Living with a chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis can bring highs and lows to your spirit. Cultivate close friendships and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  3. Invest in yourself and your future health by eating nutritious meals, exercising effectively for the stage of your condition, and losing weight.

Compliance with the medication regimen your doctor sets is extremely important. Do not stop taking medication because you’re feeling better. Many RA medications are designed to prevent future damage and must be taken as directed. Stay positive to live successfully with rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Steven Rosner is a highly experienced and board-certified Rheumatologist who practices in Emerson, NJ. To make an appointment with Dr. Rosner, call: 201-666-3900.

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