Stack of Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ruth Wakefield 1903-1977

The invention of chocolate chip cookies at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts was a happy and delicious accident. Ruth Wakefield, owner of the tourist lodge was preparing chocolate cookies for her guests when she ran out of baker’s chocolate. With guests on the way, there was no time to waste, so Ruth improvised with what she had on hand – broken chunks of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate.

Ruth popped the cookie sheet into the over, expecting the chunks to melt and create a smooth chocolate cookie. When she pulled the baking sheet from the oven, the unmelted chunks made a whole new cookie. Guests raved about the new taste treat sensation and a deal with Nestle was struck. Nestle marketed the chocolate chunks and morsels as Toll House and printed the recipe on the package. The next time you bite into one of these tender morsels, think of Ruth’s surprise as she viewed the first batch, hot from the oven.

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