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The Sun Can Still Burn Your Skin

As the summer winds down and the sun sinks a little lower each day, we’re tempted to forego the use of sunscreen. After all, the hottest days of the season are behind us, right? We won’t get sunburned now. Don’t take any chances with your skin in these waning weeks of summer. There are still plenty of UVA and UVB rays to cause burning and other skin damage. You still need to use a broad scpectrum sunscreen.

Certain medications can make your skin more sun-sensitive and will allow you to burn more easily. Antibiotics, some diabetes treatments, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol medications can all cause photosensivity. Birth control pills may cause sun sensitivity in some women or allow dark spots to form on the skin. Check with your pharmacist or the healthcare professional who prescribed the medication to know the sun status of any medication you take.

Dr. Amy Siegel is a female gynecologist in Paramus, NJ who can help women decide which birth control method is right for them. There are many choices including birth control pills, IUDs, implants, or barriers. Sun sensitivity is only one of the elements to be considered when choosing a system of contraception. Dr. Siegel treats women at all ages and stages of life with exceptional care and compassion. To make an appointment or to speak with Dr. Siegel, call: 201.225-2555

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