Colorful cartoon of woman having hot flash at her desk

When Estrogen Levels Change

It’s the middle of winter and no one touched the thermostat and yet, you’re sweating and your face is as red as a beet. It’s another hot flash and while you know it will pass, you’re uncomfortable and you’re sure that everyone in the meeting is staring at you. Can anything be done? Yes, here are a few tips to help you survive the changes your body is experiencing:

  1. Dress in layers so you can layer up or down as needed without baring too much skin. Avoid turtlenecks and high collars.
  2. Wear cotton for sleeping and use cotton sheets, not synthetics which tend to hold the heat and feel clammy when wet. Take a cool shower before bed.
  3. At work, arrive in the meeting room early so you can choose a seat near the a.c. vent, or away from it if the heat is on. Bring cold water with you and keep sipping.
  4. Increase your level of exercise. Believe it or not, the additional activity can help quell the flashes, not promote them.
  5. Learn some stress relief or relaxation techniques such as visualization.

Stay positive. This is a transformative time of your life and can lead to greater things. If your hot flashes are too much to cope with, get some help from our Board-certified gynecologist or endocrinologists.

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