Woman doing Tai Chi to Center Herself

Moms, now’s the time. It’s the peak of summer just before the rush begins to buy school supplies and clothes, or send one of the kids off to college. It’s as if the sun pauses in its race towards fall. Take a breath – a deep one — because you deserve it.

We, at Bergen Women’s Health Care, salute you and all you do to keep your family on track. While you’re taking care of them, don’t forget yourself and your own needs. Start each day by centering yourself and literally, taking a few deep breaths. Even if you don’t have to time get to yoga class or do a daily Buddah-like meditation, you can squeeze in a few cleansing breaths when no one’s looking. The payoff could be a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure as well as a clearer outlook on life and what needs to get done.

Dr. Amy Siegel is the gynecologist who understands your life and wants to help you stay well. She’ll help you get the screenings you need to catch any problems at the earliest stage possible. Schedule your yearly well-woman exam now before the September rush takes over. It doesn’t take long and you can take a deep breath knowing that you’ve done it.

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