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Teen pregnancy rates have reached their lowest levels in the US in decades but there is still no cause for celebration. American teens, aged 15-19, gave birth to 367,678 babies in 2010. The astounding news is that more than 18% were repeat births. These figures are far too high. Teen births take a huge toll on the children as well as their parents and extended families.


As a country, we need to face this issue squarely. Babies born to teen mothers are often pre-term and have low birth weight. Mothers and babies alike pay the price for lack of pre-natal care and advice. The problems don’t disappear with birth; young mothers frequently face restrictions to continuing their education and finding satisfying employment.


Dr. Amy Siegel believes that teens should be counseled on avoiding pregnancy either by not having sexual intercourse or using effective contraception. Dr. Siegel often speaks to groups of teens and young adults about avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Her caring and compassionate manner is coupled with a skilled understanding of the latest and most appropriate methods of birth control. Make sure your teen girl or boy has all the facts. Call Sr. Amy Siegel for your teen girl’s first gynecological appointment.

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