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Walk in Good Health

For women with diabetes, neuropathy is a complication that can make it difficult to walk and, as the disease progresses, can even alter the shape of the foot. This can limit the style and heel height of shoes that can be worn safely. While some women are saddened to find that 4” spike heels are no longer an option, most see the value and appreciate the comfort of orthotics and therapeutic shoes.

Therapeutic shoes for patients with diabetic neuropathy are often covered by Medicare and are an important element of diabetes management. Properly fitted therapeutic shoes:

  • Accommodate changes in foot shape and support deformities, hammertoes, and bunions
  • Relieve areas of pressure, particularly in the toe, instep, and ball of the foot where ulcers tend to form
  • Reduce the shock of walking by providing well-padded shoe interiors

Therapeutic shoes are now much lighter in weight, come in a wide range of styles and colors, and are no longer considered “unstylish”. See Fay Woomer, D.P.M. one of our Board-certified Podiatrists for an evaluation and fitting. Call: 201-986-1881 for an appointment.

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