Portrait of a happy mother walking with infant in baby carrier

Kiss It Goodbye

We all make resolutions to quickly lose the pounds that come with pregnancy. However, that is sometimes easier said than done and the extra baby weight hangs around. Since you’re probably breast feeding, it’s more important than ever to maintain an excellent diet and not cut calories to the bone or experiment with fad diets.

The solution may be right under your feet – literally. Keep moving and leave the extra baby weight behind. Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Use the stairs. Who says you must only go up or down the stairs once per errand. When using the stairs – do them twice… or more if you can.
  2. Pack the baby in a carrier instead of a stroller. You’ll build muscles as the baby grows and your hands will be free instead of on the stroller handle.
  3. Keep moving while doing other tasks. Stand while on the phone. Do knee bends while folding the laundry and lunges while mopping or vacuuming the floor.

Along with eating well and drinking plenty of water, these small exercises can make a difference in losing pregnancy points.

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