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Secret Ingredient for Strong Bones


Even if this winter in New Jersey is only half as cold and miserable as last year’s version, we’ll still spend plenty of time indoors. Yes, we’ll be warm and cozy but we’ll be missing out on absorbing Vitamin D from sunshine. Shorter days with more time spent indoors are a recipe for inadequate levels of Vitamin D. Who cares? We all do, since Vitamin D is our bodies’ secret ingredient for strong bones. Insufficient Vitamin D levels have also been implicated in heart disease, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s Disease, and diabetes. Vitamin D may even slow down the aging process itself. Since most of our Vitamin D intake comes form sun exposure, staying indoors to avoid the cold can have far reaching health effects.

If going for a brisk 15 minute winter walk every day is a “non-starter” for you, your Vitamin D intake will have to come from other sources. Salmon and tuna are rich sources of this essential nutrient as are other fatty fish, mushrooms, and eggs. Citrus juices as well as milk, from cows, soy, almonds, and coconuts are also fortified with Vitamin D at the packaging plant. Vitamin D supplements are also available, but don’t overdo it with these since too much Vitamin D can cause health problems.

Wondering if your bones are as strong as they should be? Check with our Board-certified Rheumatologist, Dr. Steven Rosner. If appropriate, he’ll recommend a bone density test to see how you stand. Call: 201-666-3900 for an appointment.

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