kitten surrounded my multi-colored balls of string

The String Test

First, find that ball of string you keep somewhere in the kitchen. It’s probably in the junk drawer. Cut a length of it that matches your height. Fold the string in half and put one half around your waist. If it reaches comfortably around your waist, you’re probably in decent shape. It’s only a rough measurement but doctors believe that waist to height ratio is at least as important as body mass index in determining health.

If you’ve been promising yourself to lose weight, spring is a great time to embrace a new routine. Don’t go all out and try to run a 5K or start a strict (and maybe unhealthy) diet. Doing too much all at once is a recipe for falling back into bad habits. Start small with a 15 minute walk each evening and one fewer can of soda a day. After a week of increasing your exercise, add a salad to your weekly menu. Get the idea?

In 3 months, take that string test again. We’ll bet you notice a difference.

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