Personalized Care

Your visit to Bergen Women’s Health Care is all about you. When you visit us, expect to be treated with respect and to receive excellent personalized care. Regular visits to a gynecologist are crucial to maintaining your health throughout life. If you’re new to our practice, please download and print the patient forms. Please fill them in and bring them with you to your appointment. That will save time. Bring along your I.D. and your insurance cards; we’ll want to make a copy of them. If possible, schedule your appointment for the middle of your menstrual cycle.

At your visit, we’ll do a general physical and breast exam as well as a pelvic exam. We’ll evaluate and discuss your need for a mammogram or other screenings such as bone density testing or a colonoscopy. We’ll review your immunizations and vaccines as well as your medications. Our goal is to prevent problems that would have a negative impact on your health and quality of life.

Please ask any questions you have during your consultation. There’s almost nothing you can say that can shock or surprise us. We get it. Life isn’t always perfect or the way we imagined it. We care about you and are grateful that you put your trust in us. There IS a difference in women’s health care and you’ll find it here.

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