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Be Ready by Planning Ahead

The secret to having a smooth transition to bringing your new baby home is the organizing you do beforehand. As hectic as the days seem before labor begins, they’re like a day at the beach compared to your first weeks with the baby at home. Here are a few tips to help keep those early days serene.

  1. Make lists and post them in your kitchen. Where is the all-night pharmacy or store that sells things such as newborn diapers? What’s the number for a breast feeding support group? Who can you call to walk the dog when you can’t get out because the baby is finally sleeping?
  2. Buy some healthy frozen dinners for evenings when you and your partner are both too tired to cook. Don’t skip meals; you’re still eating for two. Speaking of food, stock up on “one-hand” food that you can nosh on while breastfeeding.
  3. Build a support team of family and friends. Ask for a specific favor from each one. People want to help but can’t read your mind.

Your recovery is a priority. Nap when the baby naps for now. Eventually, you’ll both be sleeping through the night.

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