Woman and man dressed in red running in snow

Take One Day at a Time

In NJ, winter has hit with gale-force winds, drenching rains, and heavy, wet snow. Our holiday spirits are struggling to stay positive during these short, cloud-covered days. But don’t give into “Bah-Humbug” this season. Here are a few tips for staying healthy and keeping an optimistic mindset.

  1. Stay Warm. That means investing in warm gloves, hat, and boots. Grandma was right. Being cold can depress your immune system.
  2. Get moving. Lower wintertime light levels can make you feel tired and listless. Try to get natural light on your face for 30 minutes a day. Get outside or use a light therapy lamp.
  3. Eat well. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the holidays with a few sweets or an occasional champagne if your underlying diet and exercise routine are solid. Drink plenty of water to combat winter dry skin.

Most important, take time to unwind during the holidays. Your body and mind both need it. It can be as simple as booking yourself a session at the spa, going to a museum, or attending a holiday concert. With a clear mind you’ll be better prepared to tack the new year with gusto.

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