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Regular Foot Care = Happy Feet

Your feet power you through your busy day. But, if neglected, they can let you know with pain and problems walking. Here are 5 quick tips to help you stay on your toes at work and play.

  1. Keep feet in shape with regular exercise. Walking and biking are both good and call for different sets of muscles.
  2. Exercise your big toes. Spread your toes and hold for a count of five. Repeat five times. Or, take a fat rubber band and slowly pull outwards to stretch your big toe.
  3. Cushion your steps. Flip flops and bare feet may feel good but are tough on your toes. Vary the height of your heels from day to day and choose shoes that cushion the shock of walking.
  4. Stretch ‘em. Stretching legs and feet is key to staying loose and balanced. Stretch your entire legs and feet after showering when muscles are warm. Point and flex your feet during the day while at your desk.
  5. Make them look good. Lotion any dry areas on your feet and cut toenails straight across. Be sure toes are thoroughly dry before putting on shoes to prevent growth of fungus.

Get a foot checkup from our experienced podiatrists:

In Emerson — Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, or Richard Goldstein DPM. Call 201-666-3900, ext. 254 for an appointment.

In Paramus — Fay Woomer, DPM. Call: 201-986-1881 for an appointment.

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