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Give Yourself a Break

We’ve just gotten through the holidays but now we’re “looking forward to” shoveling snow, paying heating bills, and filing our income taxes. Does it ever let up? In our harried and complicated world, the answer is – probably not – unless you’ve made a long-term reservation at a mountaintop monastery.

Chronic stress alters hormone levels in the body and can lead to fatigue, sleep issues, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, and a lowered immunity. Even low stress levels, when experienced over a long period of time, can take a toll on overall health. It takes a solid commitment from each of use to take a break from stress. Short, intentional winding down can interrupt the stress process and lead to a more peaceful overall mindset.

When opportunities arise to stretch a little at your desk, walk the dog in the middle of the day, or just gaze at the clouds for a few minutes, don’t pass them up. Bolster these happy moments with an intentional program of stress reduction. For example, listen to some soothing music or nature sounds before turning off your light at night. Or, take a quick break mid-afternoon with a cup of chamomile tea before the kids get home from school. Planned moments like these can have a cumulative effect in reducing stress. And, the tea is delicious.

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