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Stand Straight, Stand Tall

Mother was right, as usual. She told us to pull our shoulders back and stand up straight to feel proud and confident. Good posture can help you feel self-assured while slouching can have the opposite effect. Poor posture also can lead to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. Here are a few tips for keeping your spine aligned and make standing straight a little easier.

  1. Look at your posture in a mirror. Face sideways and adjust your posture until your ears, shoulders, hips, and knees are all in a line. Remember what this feels like so you can correct your posture throughout the day.
  2. Sit properly in a chair. Not a lounge chair – use a straight chair or a desk chair. Push yourself to the back of the seat. If the chair is too straight, put a rolled up towel in the curve of your lower back. Hold in your abdominal muscles and remember what sitting straight feels like.
  3. Consider yoga if you haven’t already tried it. Yoga is all about alignment and can help strengthen core muscles that hold your spine in place.

These self-help tips are useful for people with mild posture issues. If you have chronic or severe back pain, see you Hackensack University Medical Group healthcare provider.

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