Young woman walking while looking at her phone

Stay Safe Wherever You Are

Being head over heels in love is a good thing; head over heels down the stairs is not. No matter what age you are, falling poses a risk of breaking bones or twisting joints. Our hectic lives often mean rushing to the next task without thinking about the path ahead. We’d like to as a few questions to remind you to stay safe:

  1. Is your home as safe as it can be? HINT: Remove loose runs; clean up clutter; put grab bars securely in the wall of the shower.
  2. Do you multi-task while walking? HINT: If you must text or read email, at least stop walking or sit down in the nearest coffee shop.
  3. Have your had your eyes checked recently? HINT: You need clear vision to stay safe at home or out of the house.

Finally, make sure your dog is trained not to jump or get under your feet. Tripping over pets causes thousands of falls each year in the U.S. Remember: Prevention is always the best medicine.

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